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Preliminary and feasibility studies, design, construction and handing over for a construction project are tasks that can be easily handled by a number of Architects and Consulting Engineering professionals, but when it comes to the art of perfection and synchronization of construction projects, involving the major three parameters Quality, Time and Cost, only experts are suitable. Mancon Consultancy & Project Management provides answers for all possible questions in the area of project management. It extends construction management activities beyond the traditional turn-key concept to partnership in success.

Mancon Consultancy & Project Management is managed by a team of professionals with adequate qualifications and a proven history of success experiences in Architectural designs, Construction and Consultation. Such experiences are considered a precious asset for a client when he thinks about a construction project. Just call our references and ask them how much our innovative experience added to their projects and general production.
Why choose Mancon?



17 June

New Dubai Office

Mancon Consultancy & Project Management JLT, one of Mancon Group's sister companies launched in Dubai December 2013.

17 June